What do we do?

JHDrone is aerial cinematography company based in Helsinki. We provide tailored aerial video and photo services for productions, events or visualization. We operate mainly in Capital area, but if requested we can travel inside Finland where required. We will promise to you a fast delivery and a straightforward service experience. Our services include:


Photos, video material or combination of both, it's your choice

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Wouldn’t you enjoy having an aerial photo of your house? We will deliver it

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Do you require quality video production for your event? Let us help you

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In aerial cinematography safety is always main factor. Every flight’s route and height are planned before mission from safety aspect. We follow Finnish Transport Safety Agency’s regulations and aviation law. We also find out possible limits regarding the shoot location. Of course our whole operation is properly insured. In addition to this, our largest drone is fitted with parachute rescue system in case of technical problem.

Our equipment consists of many different drones, from which we pick the most suitable for required mission. We also carry a backup drone with us – always. Our largest drone weights over 8 kilograms and can lift heavier DLSR or red / Arri cameras.

Aerial services are exposed to weather conditions and that’s why we need to add some backup days for all operations in case of bad weather on an actual filming day. We can’t fly in rain or heavy wind.

Our Productions

Kiinteistöesittely - Kivisalmi
Mini showreel

Kiinteistöesittely - Kivisalmi

Mini showreel

Our Services

Aerial solutions

Aerial services include aerial cinematography or photography (or combination) based on your needs. You can have them either as final product or as raw video / photo for your own editing. In aerial services our crew is always at least 2 persons, so that the drone and the camera have both individual operators. Our flight time is between 12-15 minutes and after that we need to land for battery change (that takes couple of minutes). Our current camera selection includes Sony DSLR that provides 24mpix still pictures and 4K video. There is also ability to provide live HD stream from the camera to ground for streaming. Flight height is between 0 and 150 meters. Please notice that we don’t fly straight above people.

Pricing is based on the scale of production. For example, four hours long photo shoot including copter, pilot and camera operator in Helsinki-Espoo-Vantaa-Kauniainen-Kirkkonummi region costs 500€ + VAT. Price example doesn’t include photo editing. Photo shoots in other parts of Finland are negotiable. Please contact Janne by email janne@jhdrone.fi or by phone +358 400 159 810.

Aerial Photo

Wouldn’t you or your loved one enjoy aerial photo of your house or real estate as a gift or memory? Or are you selling your house or a broker in need of aerial photo of your listing? This service is the right for you. After you make your order through our online store, we come and take the photos from your location in a week. You also get text message before the photo is taken. After that you get the ready photo electrically. Service region: Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Kauniainen, Kirkkonummi.

Order form is in our online store. Read the instructions before making the order. Fixed price 149 € (including VAT). Book photo shoot in here.

Video production

Do you require quality video production for your event? We can also detach our camera gear and gimbals from the drone and provide ultra smooth video to capture your event or production.

Pricing is based on the scale of production. For example, four hours long video shoot in Helsinki-Espoo-Vantaa-Kauniainen-Kirkkonummi region costs 400€ + VAT. Price example doesn’t include video editing. Video shoots in other parts of Finland are negotiable. Please contact Janne by email janne@jhdrone.fi or by phone +358 400 159 810.